Home Chef Delivery Meal Kit Review

Home Chef is a delivery meal kit option that allows you to keep close tabs on your dietary intake without the hassle of endless grocery shopping. With more than 10 million individual meals delivered in the past year, Home Chef has built a solid reputation as one of the best-loved meal kit choices on the market today. No matter if your diet plan calls for low carb, wheat-free, vegetarian, nut-free or any other type of arrangements, Home Chef can meet your needs. Just check out their menu to see all the options offered, along with nutritional information. You’ll also see a list of included ingredients, making it easier than ever to stick to your plans and dietary restrictions. Every Home Chef meal comes straight to your home, and they use green packaging to encourage sustainability. You’ll never have to agonize over dinner choices again!

What are the main benefits of home chef?

Integrated meal management tools are ideal for planning meals that fit your lifestyle. Wasted food is never an issue, given the precise portioning of ingredients sent with each kit. Home Chef’s convenient app brings additional support to help keep you in check with your goals. It is simple to plan meals no matter where you are or how much time you have. It’s so simple! Meal kits are all formulated to take under than thirty minutes of preparation. The time savings are tremendous. Knowing all the ingredients a dish provides peace of mind for those careful about what they eat, or who may have allergies to certain ingredients. There aren’t any mystery ingredients or suspicious additives – you know what you’re eating. The process of becoming a Home Chef customer is simple and fast, with a user-friendly website and seamless checkout process. Give their meal kits a week-long trial, and you will be amazed at the difference Home Chef makes in your life. Your culinary dreams really can come true in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Are The Meals Tasty?

Absolutely! Customers rave about the flavors contained in their Home Chef meal kits. Quality control standards are extremely high, and all meal kits must meet standards in the freshness and taste categories. Menu items rotate frequently, and there are always new meal options to keep your palate happy. Given the ever-changing variety of meals available on the Home Chef menus, there will always be more than enough choices for your inner foodie. Diners will find Asian, Mexican, classic American and a range of other cuisines available. One thing is certain – dinner can be more fun ever with Home Chef meal kits!

Menu Sample:

Blackened Scallop Pasta

Blackened Scallop Pasta

With red pepper cream

Pork Egg Roll In A Bowl

Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl

With crispy wontons and peanuts

Chicken Paillard

Chicken Paillard

With broccoli and lemony garlic-tomato sauce

Baked French Onion Penne

Baked French Onion Penne

With cremini mushrooms

Are Home Chef Meal Kits Easy To Cook?

The website itself is incredibly easy to navigate. Simply select the meals you want for a given week and voila – they’re at your door! You can plan ahead for up to 5 weeks, making it easier than ever to have delicious and exciting meals every night. Their mobile app allows you the convenience to pick your meals from anywhere, adding even more flexibility for a busy lifestyle.

“While Blue Apron’s recipe cards might be the most beautifully designed of the services we’ve tried, I’d have to say Home Chef’s are the easiest to follow thanks to their “Before You Cook” and “While You Cook” sections, which highlight prep and explain important steps.”

— Money Under 30

Broadly speaking, Home Chef delivery meal kits come ready with all of the necessary ingredients for each dish, with the exception of household staples like butter and oil. The clear, step-by-step recipe cards make meal prep a breeze. The testing and research that goes into each recipe and finished kit ensures an easy cooking experience even for kitchen novices. Home Chef meals are virtually foolproof!

How Much Does Home Chef Cost?

Considering the high quality of the Home Chef meal kits themselves and the ingredients included, the price is tremendous. The cost comes to under $10 for each serving. This is affordable indeed. There are also well-priced additional options such as fruit baskets and salad options that require no cooking at all. For healthful, fresh meals at home, this pricing is hard to beat.

Here’s some more specific information on pricing from their website:

Home Chef Meal Pricing

Should I Try Home Chef?

Without question! Each meal from Home Chef is sure to be tasty, cost-effective and easy to make. You will find options for every meal of the day, including dessert! Home cooking is something everyone could use more of, and with Home Chef, fresh and healthy meals are within close reach!

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